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Johnathon Stewart/AKA Bopper, Chino, Johnny Boy
Wanted by the Nv. Dept. of Corrections-Office of the Inspector General for Escape from an NDOC prison or facility.
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Race: Asian
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 159
Hair: Black,Bald
Eyes: Brown
Age: 43
Other: Scars-both ears pierced Tattoos-Lt Arm-Dragon, "Outcast", Rt arm-barb wire, sun. Lf shoulder-skeleton face, Rt shoulder-"Caesar, Lt Hand-"Amy". Back-cross, 2 guns, scorpion, Shelton faces, "Asian Pride", stomach-sun, "Sin City"
On October 27, 2018, inmate Stewart was assigned to the Casa Grande Transitional Housing center in Las Vegas, Nevada, when he failed to return to the NDOC facility. Stewart was classified as a community trustee within the NDOC. Stewart was serving a prison sentence for possession of a controlled substance and stolen vehicle. Stewart is wanted back to the NDOC to finish serving his initial prison sentence and additional escape charge.