Wanted by the Nevada Department of Public Safety Investigation Division for FTA: SALE OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE (Methamphetamine)

Aureliano Arellano
Incident # 20180211

 Race:    White
 Gender:    Male
 Height:    5'5"
 Weight:    140
 Hair:    Black
 Eyes:    Brown
 Age:    42
Multiple tattoos: Back, L Shoulder
Aliases: Aureliano Arellano Sandoval, Ralph Oneal Houston, Arellano Sandoval, Aureliano Sandoval, Aureliano Arelland

Arellano is wanted for Failure to Appear in court for Sale of Controlled Substance (Methamphetamine)

CAUTIONS: Violent Tendencies, Known to Abuse Drugs and Alcohol

Arellano is known to have ties in Winnemucca, California, Hawaii and Mexico

If you have any information concerning this person please submit an anonymous tip at www.nevadamostwanted.org